Bungee jumping in Rishikesh is performed only at one place: Mohan Chatti Village. From a rocky cliff 83 meters high, you’ll find yourself leaping from the highest bungee jumping location in India, making Mohan Chatti the most sought-after bungee jump in the country. The adrenaline rush from this extreme adventure is one thrill-seekers do not want to miss!


Safety is our highest priority. Our jumpers wear professional safety gear and we have specially trained staff from New Zealand where bungee jumping first began to make sure your bungee jumping experience is both a thrilling and safe experience not to be forgotten.


Bungee Jumping Restrictions/Details

  • Must be at least 12 -14 years old
  • No maximum age as long as considered physically fit
  • People who have heart, blood pressure, or neurological problems, or are pregnant, may not jump
  • Bungee jumping is unavailable during rain or monsoon season
  • Transportation from Rishikesh to the bungee jump location is provided