Rafting Beast is part of Anaya Softtech , offers a range of activities and approaches to outdoor accommodation including

Bungee jumping 
Flying fox
Water rappelling 

So, pack your bags and enjoy every moment! At Rafting Beast, you’ll create memories that will never fade.


About Rishikesh


Rishikesh is the perfect place for that adventure experience everyone needs. Listening to the quiet river splash against our dramatic boulders, feeling wet sand tickle the toes, and gazing at breathtaking sunrises rejuvenate the soul in ways no other can.


Bungee Jumping

The perfect adventure for the thrill-seeker, there is little more to get your blood pumping than jumping from a height of XYZ!


River Rafting

The most popular activity at Rishikesh is rafting. Master your fear and enhance your skills as you go with the easy flow or ride the wild rapids of this majestic and ever-changing river.



There couldn’t be a more peaceful place to do yoga than Vashistitha Cave. With a quiet river beach just below, it’s easy to let your soul sink into the beauty of nature.



Trekking is an outdoor activity that can be as rigorous or as relaxing as you like. Enjoy the peaceful and lush surroundings as you spend your day with nature’s finest.
There’s an adventure for everyone at Rishikesh, so don’t waste time wondering. Make your reservations now to create the memories of a lifetime.